UP-lite is a project to create templates, tools, and documentation for a lightweight implementation of the (generic) Unified Process. Currently it consists of DocBook templates that can be used to build a project website using either DocBook Website or Apache Maven.

Why DocBook? Because it is an XML vocabulary designed for technical documentation and can be used to produce high-quality printed output in addition to html output. DocBook allows inline use of SVG graphics (using XML namespaces) which is ideal for UML diagrams, since most UML tools allow export of SVG format diagrams.

Another goal of UP-lite is to adapt the UP for Open Source development projects. Open Source projects, in most cases, are staffed by geographically disbursed volunteers. Formal processes are difficult enough to implement with paid developers. In the volunteer world, UP-lite will only be successful if it can be adapted to meet the following criteria:

  • Requires only one member of the project team to be experienced with UP.

  • The UP-lite project templates and terminology can be used and understood by project team members with less than 1 hour of learning curve.

  • Can be entirely implemented with cross-platform, Open Source tools

  • Can be easily integrated with existing projects

The UP-lite project will, of course, be implemented using UP-lite. This means the first set of UP-lite documents will be created to describe UP-lite. Besides documenting itself, UP-lite will focus on integration with Maven-based Java projects.

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