Debugging With EtherPeek

I used to live and die by the network protocol analyzer, and my favorite was EtherPeek. I wrote Debugging With EtherPeek for MacTech Magazine.

Books (Technical Editor)

QuickTime for Java: A Developer's Notebook

Chris Adamson has written an outstanding book that is a must-have for anyone developing using QuickTime for Java. I was one of a handful of tech reviewers who helped Chris with the book.

Videoblogging for Dummies

Wrtten by Stephanie Bryant, this was a fun book to review, as it covers everything from lighting to codecs to overcoming stage fright. A great book for anyone who wants to create a videoblog. Working with Stephanie was a pleasure. Make sure to check out the Videoblogging for Readersbook blog” (which is also where you'll find errata for anything I missed.)

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