Informal Bio

Sean Gilligan is an entrepreneur, software developer, and videoblogger who lives in Santa Cruz, California. He has been working with Internet video since 1995, and has always thought that communicating with video should be as easy as sending an e-mail. He founded the Vlog Central videoblog hosting service in early 2004, and made his first public videoblog post in June 2004.

Business Bio

Mr. Gilligan has 20 years of experience in the software industry with fifteen years experience developing Internet, networking, and communications software and systems. He has extensive experience working with customers and partners to develop strategic product architectures and implementing engineering processes to deliver those products. He has held engineering positions at Pyramid Technology, 3Com Corporation, and Touch Communications. In 1988, he founded Open Systems Development (OSD) a provider of custom software development services to hardware and software manufacturers. OSD has designed and developed networking and video software products shipped by companies such as Apple, 3Com, Novell, SUN Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, and Media100. OSD was approaching $1 Million in revenue by 1998. In 1999, OSD became Catalla Systems and began development of the Catalla.AppServer technology. In 2004, he began work on the Vlog Central videoblog hosting service. He has a BA with majors in Economics and Computer and Information Sciences from the University of California Santa Cruz.

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